The Speed Bundle

$459.99  $559.97

Everything Dad needs to start SuperSpeed swing speed training and hitting longer drives on the course!

Pairing our 3 club overspeed training set with our C club with our free on-line training protocols, dad can expect to add 20 yards to his drive in 6 weeks of training. Plus, dad can measure all his speed training and gains with the new PRGR Portable Launch Monitor – an easy, accurate, and affordable on-the-go launch monitor.

The Force Bundle

$149.99  $179.99

Perfect if Dad has been training with SuperSpeed and is looking to take the next step in increasing swing speed! 

The Force Bundle targets two essential areas required to swing fast – ground force and hand speed. The new SuperSpeed C Club is counterweighted to to apply overspeed training where it counts the most: in the arms and hands around impact. The Force Pedals are designed to provide instant feedback to train point of force application and timing of ground reaction forces. Both of these training systems include free online training protocols developed by the SuperSpeed team to ensure Dad sees his hard work payoff on the course. 

ShotScope PROLX+, H4, & V3

SAVE 10% | Promo Code: ShotScope10

Help Dad track his on-course performance with the cutting-edge technology of ShotScope!

ShotScope sets the bar for course-management and performance tracking technology. The new Shot Scope PRO LX+ is perfect for golfers that want it all – a fast-firing laser optimised for stability and accuracy, along with a GPS loaded with 36,000 courses and built-in performance tracking. Shot Scope V3 is an advanced GPS watch with automatic shot tracking and statistics platform. Finally, the ShotScope H4 is a powerful GPS handheld that can track shots and provide performance insights to help a golfer improve.

ShotScope PROLX+

Laser Rangefinder with GPS distances and Performance Tracking

ShotScope V3

GPS Watch with Automatic Performance Tracking

ShotScope H4

GPS Handheld with Performance Tracking