You’re swinging faster and hitting your entire bag longer with SuperSpeed.
Now it’s time to learn how to translate all that distance into lower scores.


Through the DECADE app, you get access to the proven and revolutionary DECADE Strategy. Decade is a course management system designed to help you make smarter decisions on the golf course. This includes club selection off the tee, target lines, approach shots, short game strategy, putting, and much more. Learn how to optimize your game and lower your scores today!


I use a system Scott Fawcett came up with. He’s helped me understand the percentages of going for flags and when not to.

Bryson Dechambeau

These young guys have more information than we’ve ever had. You have DECADE Golf… all these tools and technology to help high school and college players get better, hit it further, understand the game better.

Webb Simpson

You’ve given me 25 years of experience in 5 days. Pretty awesome man, thank you so much.

Will Zalatoris

Scott has quantified what I’ve always thought and felt in my gut… I subscribe to the DECADE materials just like any other member of the public, I paid for it… we’ve adhered to it ever since the win in Napa. I think it’s a great way to play golf… it’s been something we can lean on.

Stewart Cink


I’ve been using the Superspeed system for the last 14 weeks and I have added at least 7 mph to my swing speed already. My drives have gotten considerably longer, more consistent, and straighter. The benefit has extended to my irons which have added pop and distance. If I could give this item 10 stars I would.

Scott J. 
Scott J.

I’ve been using the Superspeed system since Christmas and have increased my swing speed from the high 90s to as high as 113 (with an average of approximately 108 (verified with Skytrak). More importantly, my ball speed is in the high 150s and low 160s now and I’m significantly longer off of the tee. I highly recommend this system if you need to increase your swing speed.

David V. 
David V.

I’ve been using SuperSpeed for about 4 months. Went from an average drive of around 250 to averaging around 280, with an occasional drive around 300. 7 iron went from 155 to 175.

Curt B. 
Curt B.

I started using Super Speed about a year ago and got my Driver SS from 100mph max to 115, though I don’t swing that hard in play. , my on course speed averages around 108, but I only feel like I am swinging at the same speed which used to get 100. you learn what faster feels like and it becomes easier to generate a faster swing without swinging hard. great investment !

Steve L. 
Steve L.

Got SuperSpeed 6 months ago. Went from a swing speed of 96 to 110-112 (119 max – swinging out of my shoes but won’t hit many fairways). At 55 years old, I’m hitting it as far as I ever have. 275 carry and 295-300 total.

Ray M. 
Ray M.



  • DECADE App in iOS and Android App Store
  • 6 Month Tailored Course to Teach DECADE
  • Quick DECADE5 Stats Entry
  • Discounted Live Seminar and Camp Rates
  • One (1) Custom Yardage Book Per Month


  • DECADE App in iOS and Android App Store
  • New GPS Entry
  • DECADELink Hole by Hole Analysis
  • “Coaching Moments”
  • Peer Group Comparative Analysis
  • Custom Content Based on Your Stats Profile
  • Discounted Live Seminar and Camp Rates
  • Detailed Analysis for Players Averaging < 80
  • Strokes Gained vs College and vs Top 50 Amateur
  • Four (4) Custom Yardage Books Per Month