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Sub 70 849 Pro Driver 

The 849 Pro Driver continues Sub 70’s aesthetic of clean, classic lines, dark colors, and performance-driven shapes. The 450cc 849 Pro provides the higher level ball-striker maximum distance by utilizing state-of-the-art carbon fiber weight-reduction technologies that permit the movement of weight to specific regions of the head in the heel, toe, and rear sections. This decreases backspin and optimizes launch angle. Combine the head’s ability to reduce spin and optimize speed and flight off the face with up to 20 grams of weight adjustability in the heel, toe, and rear section of the head, and you have an absolute rocket launcher that is workable in both directions.

Finally, as Sub 70’s modus operandi is one of understated class, the sound of the driver has been optimized as well, so as not to draw looks at impact, but only after people have seen where the ball has landed.

SuperSpeed Training Set

SuperSpeed is a three-club swing speed training system that is designed to reprogram the neuromuscular system to fire through the golf swing motor pattern as fast as possible.

We do that by swinging two clubs that are lighter than a standard driver, and one club that is heavier.

We always start with the lightest club to get the brain and swing firing really fast, then we reintroduce the load with our medium and heavy clubs.

We typically see golfers gain 5% swing speed over the first 5-6 weeks of training with our level 1 protocol – 10 minutes a day, 3x a week!


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· One winner will receive a Sub 70 849 Pro Driver.

· One winner will receive a SuperSpeed 3 Club Training Set.

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